Wide-plank Wood Floors

There are few more impressive sights than a wide-plank wood floor stretching majestically across the full expanse of a room. The classic, timeless simplicity of the wide plank is aesthetically irresistible; wide-plank is quite simply the purest expression of a wood floor.

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Parquet Floors

The 17th century, the so-called Age of Louis XIV was an age of decadence. During Louis’s reign, French culture came to exercise a universal appeal, which is precisely what the great royal absolutist intended when he specified the best of everything for himself and his residences, parquet wood flooring included.

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Full-grain Leather Floors

Leather floors not only offer the luxury of a totally natural floor covering, they also deliver an absolutely stunning and utterly inimitable look. Full grain leather floors are durable, elegant and always in fashion. Completely versatile, they can blend luxuriously into a contemporary environment or significantly enhance the appeal of a classical residence.

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Semi-precious Metal Floors

Bronze, pewter, brass, stainless steel: these semi-precious metals have been the materials of choice for sculptors, cabinet makers and precision instrument artisans for centuries. Semi-precious metal floors transcend the particularities of any particular style to provide a perfect interior visual foil, whether period or contemporary, traditional or minimalist.

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