Naturally Maintained

Beeswax is the natural and correct way to maintain a leather floor.  The floor should be waxed immediately after installation, and then two to four times a year depending on use.

Leather floors should be allowed to develop a natural saddle worn patina.  Marks, blemishes and indentations that develop over the years, simply confirm the quality of a full-grain leather floor, and should be a welcome part of the floor’s unique leather signature.

(Pic – a 40 year old leather floor)

Durability and Longevity

This picture was chosen simply to demonstrate not only the durability, but also the longevity of a vegetable tanned English full-grain leather floor.  Installed in a Somerset farmhouse in 1969; this floor has accommodated children, cats, dogs, a duck, parties and a hectic farming lifestyle.  Re-waxed in 2009 the floor showed no signs of being unable to provide another 40 years of service.