Specifying The Perfect Wide-Plank Wood Floor

There are few more impressive sights than a wide-plank wood floor stretching majestically across the full expanse of a room. The timeless simplicity of the wide plank is aesthetically irresistible.

Beauty does however have its price; not all engineered wide-plank wood floors are equal……

Wide-plank wood floors have historically been synonymous with a major drawback – their instability. The changing of the seasons and modern heating and cooling systems mean that 21st-century floors are constantly subjected to extremes in temperature and humidity. As a result, gaps can appear between planks, or cupping and warping may become visible, or the floor may even detach from the sub-floor. Non-engineered solid wide-plank wood floors will invariably deteriorate in these ways, as will poor-quality engineered variants. That is why it is crucial to choose a correctly engineered plank.

Understand what differentiates an Element7 wide-plank from others.