Specifying The Perfect Wide-Plank Wood Floor

There are few more impressive sights than a wide-plank wood floor stretching majestically across the full expanse of a room. The timeless simplicity of the wide plank is aesthetically irresistible.

Beauty does however require an informed choice. Choosing the right product is essential……..

The changing of the seasons and modern heating and cooling systems, most notably under-floor heating, mean that 21st-century wide-plank wood floors are constantly subjected to extremes in temperature and humidity. As a result, gaps can appear between planks, or cupping and warping may become visible, or the floor may even detach from the sub-floor. Non-engineered solid wide-plank wood floors will invariably deteriorate in these ways, as will poor-quality engineered variants; not all engineered wide-plank wood floors are equal. It is crucial to choose wisely.

Understand what differentiates an Element7 wide-plank floor from others.