Unique Possibilities

We work with wood in all of its bespoke flooring variants, including parquet, panels and marquetry.  Additionally, and increasingly in demand, we combine wood with other material components such as stone, leather, marble, metal and mother of pearl.  We use both historical and in-house designs, as well as those presented by our clients.

Each phase of production is undertaken by highly qualified technicians.  Advanced machinery is used to ensure complete accuracy in the more intricate stages of production; waterjets for cutting marble and stone, lasers for cutting wood and metal.  Modern machinery cannot however replace the essential touch of the artisan; hand tools are still used for assembly and final finishing.

Bespoke Parquet

Classic parquet patterns, such as herringbone, mansion weave or chevron can be made to measure either in extra-small or extra-large dimensions.  Any drawn pattern can be produced.

Bespoke Marquetry

Marquetry presents many possibilities, from the most ornate of centrepieces to opulent borders. Once again, any appropriate design can be produced.