Specifying The Perfect Wide-Plank Wood Floor

There are few more impressive sights than a wide-plank wood floor stretching majestically across the full expanse of a room.  The timeless simplicity of the wide plank is aesthetically irresistible.

Beauty does however require an informed choice.  Choosing the right product is essential……..

The changing of the seasons and modern heating and cooling systems, most notably under-floor heating, mean that 21st-century wide-plank wood floors are constantly subjected to extreme changes in temperature and humidity.  Given that wood is substantially composed of water, this has consequences: principally that it will expand and contract when subjected to these changes.  Unequal stresses within sawn timber will cause otherwise flat planks to expand, contract and exhibit curved distortion, seen as gaps between the planks, cupping and warping.  The degree to which wood planks move, is entirely determined by the type and construction of the planks.  Only a well-engineered wide-plank wood floor can offer complete stability…..

A Benchmark – Element7 exceptionally engineered wide-plank wood floor, when combined with our world-class finishes, gives you a floor that will last a lifetime, without it ever having to be refinished.  However, poorly engineered products, with deficient low-cost finishes, have a very short lifespan.

Understand what differentiates an Element7 wide-plank floor from others.