An Essential Understanding Of Wood And Its Properties

A Benchmark – Element7 three-layer wide-plank floor, has both the structural integrity and quality of finish that will give you a fabulous hardwood floor that will last for decades (without refinishing), as our clients will testify. Poorly engineered floors may well seem cost attractive in the short term, but commonly need refinishing within 1 to 2 years and have a typical lifespan of only 4 to 6 years. Depending on your requirements, the cheaper option is often a false economy.

It’s all the little uncompromising production elements we insist upon, that when combined, make the very big Element7 difference………

Not all engineered hardwood floors are equal, even those that appear to have both the same engineered construction and a similar surface/colour finish. If one product is far cheaper than another, there is usually a rational explanation as to why:-

Quality and Grade of Oak

Element7 floors are manufactured to stringent Western European standards using only top quality sustainably sourced Oak, as opposed to products manufactured in the Eastern Bloc or Far East that use poor quality unsustainable Oak.

There are three grades of wood floor top layers, prime – (no knots), knotty – (normal knots) and country -(large knots and filled splits). We encourage comparisons, as what another company might advertise as a prime grade is often considered a knotty grade by Element7, similarly knotty grades are very often in fact country grades. Our far more exacting selection process affects raw material costs.

Plank Widths and Lengths

Element7’s wider and longer plank lengths are of course more luxurious in look but do increase raw material costs.

Plank Core and Secondary Layers – Softwood

Slow-grown softwood pine is a much more stable and robust wood than the far cheaper fast-grown pine variants often used by less fastidious manufacturers. Element7 use only sustainable slow-grown softwood.

Plank Core And Secondary Layers – Plywood

Element7 uses only Birch plywood fabricated with Phenol resin which meets the following standards:- EN 314 / 3 class; BS-1203 / H4; DIN 68705 Part 3 / type BFU-100. We do not use Poplar, or Poplar mixed plywood commonly used by many other manufacturers. The Poplar variants are half the cost, but unfortunately also half as stable, and prone to plywood delamination.

Engineered Construction

A Benchmark – Element7 exceptionally engineered, 3-layer wide-plank, using oak on both the top and bottom layers, uses twice as much oak as a typical two or three-layer engineered board that forgoes the bottom layer of oak. It also incorporates a softwood centre core that is made from softwood blocks, with alternating and opposing grain. This type of construction is not only more expensive in terms of the raw materials required, but it is also a far more time-consuming manufacturing process when compared to the cheaper variants.


There is a vast difference between a stain sealed with only one coat of (toxic polyurethane) varnish, typical within the industry, and an Element7 eight coat, colour enhanced, environmentally friendly water-based varnish finish, abraded and cured between each coat, as applied to our Benchmark range. This is a finish that will last for decades without ever having to be refinished, and is exclusive to Element7. Our oiled and wax finishes are similarly superior. See finishing


An Element7 installation guarantees perfection, whereas the installations of many others frequently aim, at best, to hastily achieve an arguably acceptable standard only. An Element7 installation is the difference between average and excellent, and therefore takes longer. Floors installed by Element7’s accomplished installers are fully guaranteed. See installation


There is good reason that the only hardwood flooring brand detailed in high-end estate agents prime and ultra-prime residential property particulars is Element7. Simply put, we supply and install stunning, luxury engineered hardwood floors, that last a lifetime without the need for refinishing.

Whether it is super-wide plank (up to 10000mm single face), fixed or random widths, or simply a best in class standard dimension wide-plank wood floor, commissioning Element7 is the informed choice.

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